Hi! I’m Debbie McGrann author of The Accidental Cure

It’s my passion to help women just like you understand that less is more when it comes to your health. 

Who would have thought that as a layperson, when I discarded the advice of my so-called expert physicians, I could discover a cure for my alarming and frightening declining health!

I share the story of my journey to good health so that the hundreds (perhaps thousands!) with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)/Celiac Disease or any of the more than 100 autoimmune disorders, can benefit from my research and enjoy their own recovery.

I have the information you need to avoid dangerous drugs that may be unnecessary and deadly. I reveal the simple SECRET treatment to regain your health in my book and online courses.

"Thanks to a serendipitous meeting with Debbie McGrann, on a business flight to Florida, where I noticed her book on her lap, and before the flight was over I was on the path to a gluten free diet. Long standing intestinal issues are now gone, as well as my chronic joint pain. Now that I know what normal feels like I realize how not normal was and for how long (decades)."

- Dr. William Bandy